Milk Fed, Pastured Pork

At Grassland Farm, we purchase piglets in the spring and raise them outside on pasture edges and in our woods.  They are free to wallow and roam about rooting around for bugs, saplings, roots, and grubs all summer long. Milk is most definitely the favorite food for hogs at Grassland Farm!  Every day we bring them extra milk from our dairy, which produces meat that is tender and juicy.  No dry pork chops here!  Additionally, our pigs can often be found snacking on vegetable scraps and seconds that we give them from our gardens.  Due to the difficulty in finding certified organic piglets each year, we do not certify our pork.  However, our pigs are raised with certified organic grain and all the organic milk and veggies they can eat!

Pork Price List~

Ground Pork: $8.00/lb.

Sausage Bulk: $9.00/lb.

Flavors available~ Maple Breakfast, Garlic, Chorizo, and Sweet Italian

Nitrate Free Bacon: $12.00/lb.

Bone-in Pork Chops: $10.00/lb.

Boneless Shoulder Roast: $8.50/lb.

Country Style Ribs: $9.50/lb.

Tenderloin Roast: $15.75/lb.

Ham Steak: $9.50/lb.

Additional Cuts Available by Special Order.  Contact Sarah before September 15th.